Does content categorization lead to knowledge building? An experiment in a social bookmarking service

Designers of systems with knowledge building purposes (learning platforms, serious games, etc.) are increasingly, sometimes inadvertently, using strategies like collaboration (Wikis), social networking, and Gamification. They aim to engage people and help them evolve their knowledge through several forms of interaction (sharing, commenting, editing, liking, replying, tagging, etc.). Given this scenario, the present work analyzed the impact of a collaborative, tag-based content categorization mechanism in user’s perception of knowledge building in a social bookmarking service.

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March, 2015 | by

Wikimarks: generating collaborative, structured content from social networking sharing

Collaboration systems like wikis are seen as efficient tools for supporting structured content, but their success depends on many non-technical issues, like user participation. On the other hand, people are increasingly sharing content in social networks, although with no or little organization. In this scenario, we propose the Wikimark approach, a way for generating structured content by merging the wiki concept and the content sharing behaviour seen in social networks.

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November, 2012 | by

Web standards em projetos de software de grande porte: a experiência do Instituto Atlântico

Apesar da divulgação dos padrões de desenvolvimento para a Web e suas vantagens, parte dos desenvolvedores e gerentes ainda resiste a sua adoção, criticando o custo-benefício. Este artigo tem o propósito de contribuir com a discussão ao descrever a experiência do Instituto Atlântico com os Web Standards em um projeto de grande porte, mostrando como…

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November, 2006 | by